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Leading Digital Inclusivity

Sebenza is an innovative platform that bridges the digital divide to enrich the lives of our users. We provide access to engaging and authentic products and services.

For the People. By the People.

At Sebenza, we’re building innovative new ways to enable people on the move, and the makeup of our company reflects the diverse perspectives of the people who use our technologies.


People First

We consider the impact of every choice on Sebenza in the context of the lives of the people who use our platform


People Always

Our content, products and services are designed to champion the user and enable high-value exchanges

Vision & Values

Our vision and values were created by core members of our management team. The ideas were molded around what we want to do and where we see ourselves going in the future.

We proudly display our values, missions and vision throughout our office for employees and clients to see every day. Representatives from each department were selected to participate in the creation of our company values and create a holistic set of values that would suit everyone.

We brainstormed, maneuvered post-its, created presentations, looked at inspiration and even had fun with creating Easter eggs that represented the business ideals with the whole company. After a lot of reflection and a few acronyms later, we created the Sebenza A.C.T.S. These were inspired by our core team as well as our leaders who have instilled their values in the rest of the company and those who lead by example.


Our Team

Director and Co-Founder

Calvin Le Mottée

Head of Technical

Ian Stevens

Finance Manager

Wren Naude

Head of Operations

Oliver Parkinson

Director and Co-Founder

Wesley Dorning

Brand Manager

Robyn Nel

Chief Technology Officer

Stuart Steedman

Our views

Find out what the people behind Sebenza think about our purpose, our role in improving the state of connectivity in South Africa and uplifting the people who use Sebenza

Our Brand. Our Culture.

It is our mission to ensure that our brand stays true to form and follows our Mission, Vision and Values.

We strive to include a little piece of ourselves in the work that we do for design, marketing, sales, development, operations, finance, promotions and more.

The heart of everything we at Sebenza is our people. Our ethos of 'Internet for the People" is used to describe multiple parts of our business: "our People are our most important asset", "for People on the move", "music for and by the People" etc.

No one is ever left behind and every single person in our business is highly valued. Our understanding of the People we work with and the People who use our products and services are the heart of the moving machine that is Sebenza.