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Engage on Sebenza

Join millions of users using Sebenza to access free Wi-Fi on their commute. Watch videos, read news, play games and take surveys to earn SebenzaBucks and then use your bucks for free internet access, exclusive products in the shop or even to apply for jobs.


Safe & Secure

Connecting to Sebenza is completely safe and encrypted to ensure that your data remains secure and private.

Level up with SebenzaBucks

Sebenza isn't just free Wi-Fi, it's also a fully-immersive ecosystem that allows brands to tap directly into our highly engaged audiences in a variety of ways.

Through integration, it's easy to offer rich, interactive applications for commuters to engage and play with as they connect to Sebenza. To further stimulate this, Sebenza offers integrated brands the ability to offer SebenzaBucks, our in-platform currency that can be redeemed for additional internet access, or for use in other games and apps.

Watching videos, completing surveys and quizzes and more allows the user to earn SebenzaBucks, and reinforce positive engagement behaviour that results in better leads, more detailed profiling, and higher rates of engagement.

SebenzaBucks has many different applications of use. The most obvious is free Wi-Fi, allowing users to translate their engagements into general internet access. But, our gamification elements allow users to spend their SebenzaBucks on extra lives in a game, or buying hints in a quiz. In short, SebenzaBucks gives a compelling reason for our audiences to seek out brand engagement.


Products and Features You Love.

An ever-expanding ecosystem of products and services to improve the lives of users.
Plug into our existing products to connect with engaged users or build something of value for our audiences to earn and spend SebenzaBucks on.


Stay up to date with the latest news and developments with stories covering business, politics, finance, sports and more.


Browse thousands of job listings, create a CV and submit your application and take your career to the next level.


Watch animated movies, locally made movies, e-sports and other tailor-made content on this video streaming service.


Have some fun creating memes to send to family and friends.


Find out what your daily horoscope has in store for you.


Pick your winning fantasy team for local and international matches from the likes of Premier League and much more.

More Choice. More Reward.

Browse other products and experiences available on Sebenza.

Grow on Sebenza

Sebenza users are highly engaged and incentivised to engage with a brand's content that creates value and utility. With detailed campaign and product analytics we provide creators, producers and advertisers with rich insights and detailed data to inform product and advertising strategies.

Rich Insights

AI-driven insights and recommendations to improve product development and go-to-market operations.

Granular Data

We analyse every interaction on Sebenza to ensure optimal user experiences, high-value exchanges with brands and healthier ecosystem engagements.

Our advertising Packages

We have a multitude of ways to grow on Sebenza but have put together this rate card as an indicative guide.


R50,000/ mo

75,000+ Impressions
& Free Survey

Package Details

  • Small Banners
  • Medium Banner
  • 500x Survey Responses FREE
    (R25,000 value)



R100,000/ mo

200,000+ Impressions
& Everything in Avanza

Package Details

  • Full Page Ad
  • 15" Video
  • Campaign Support
  • Basic Reporting


R150,000/ mo

300,000+ Impressions
& Everything in Quantum

Package Details

  • 10x Location Targeting Units
  • Up to 30" Videos
  • Detailed Reporting