Incentivising Engagement. Mobilising Scale

Sebenza isn't just free Wi-Fi, it's also a fully-immersive ecosystem that allows brands to tap directly into our highly engaged audiences in a variety of creative ways.



Our ecosystem is all about connection. Users can connect with content, games and brands that matter and move them forward



Users choose how and when they interact with brands with incentivized actions. A highly engaged audience. Mobilised.



Scale with our business as we keep up with trends and the evolving wants and needs of our users.

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*Data up until January 2024

National Coverage

National coverage. Global Appeal.

Sebenza is available for free to users across South Africa. We are in over 7,500 taxis and buses at no cost to our users. That's zero. Nada. Nothing.

We offer rich, interactive products and content for users to engage and play with as they connect to Sebenza.

To further stimulate this, Sebenza offers integrated brands the ability to offer SebenzaBucks; our platform currency that can be redeemed for additional Wi-Fi, vouchers, or for use in other games and products.

More Value with SebenzaBucks

Earn by engaging

Watching videos, completing surveys, playing games or even reading the news allows users to earn SebenzaBucks, and reinforce positive engagement behaviour that results in better leads, more detailed profiling, and higher rates of engagement. The more users engage, the more they are rewarded.

Spend your Bucks

SebenzaBucks allows users to translate their engagements into general internet access or other exclusive Shop deals. Users can buy airtime and data bundles, extra lives in games and even submit their CV to recruiters using SebenzaBucks. The options are limitless.

More Value With SebenzaBucks
More Value With SebenzaBucks

Leading Digital Inclusivity

Our platform-powered ecosystem empowers more than 2 million people to connect, engage and grow through content, games and SebenzaBucks.

Giving people access
Putting people first
Unlocking high-value exchanges
Enabling meaningful engagement
Promoting economic involvement
Building for sustainability

Stay engaged with a wide variety
of products and services

The Sebenza platform offers videos, games, quizzes to earn SebenzaBucks so that you can browse the internet for free.

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Find out what people are saying about Sebenza

People from every walk of life are using Sebenza to connect, engage and grow. Read their reviews here.

Case Studies

We've had a diverse range of products, campaigns and engagements on Sebenza. Read the case studies to learn more.

EPL Africa XI
October 4, 2023

EPL Africa XI

iKhokha, Grow Your Business
May 1, 2023

iKhokha, Grow Your Business

BigSave, Store Promotions
March 1, 2023

BigSave, Store Promotions

Frequently Asked Questions

We've put together a list of frequently asked questions to help you understand Sebenza.
From how Sebenza works to a look at our products and ecosystem partners.

  • Who is Sebenza for?
  • Sebenza caters for people on the move. This started with commuters using taxis as a mode of transport and has quickly evolved into other use cases, such as bus commuters and mall-goers.

  • What is Sebenza?
  • Sebenza is an intuitive gamified platform that integrates content, brands, products and connectivity in one digital ecosystem.

  • What makes you different from the other Wi-Fi taxi companies?
  • Sebenza is an integrated content and Wi-Fi solution that is enabled by our in-house development team and an innovate tech stack. We do not use a white labelled solution and we can create new products for our clients.

  • How big is Sebenza's reach?
  • We are preferred partners with SANTACO, which allows us to have the best drivers on main routes with road-worthy Quantam that are newer than 2017. We also analyze the driving routes to ensure that we can cover main urban centers, main transport routes and popular destinations within the provinces that we cover.

  • Where are you in South Africa?
  • We are in these provinces in South Africa: Eastern Cape, Free State, Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal, Limpopo, Mpumalanga, North West, and Western Cape.

  • Are SebenzaBucks redeemable for real money?
  • Currently SebenzaBucks only live within the Sebenza ecosystem but watch this space as we work on being able to redeem your SebenzaBucks for tangible rewards.

  • Can I access Sebenza outside of a taxi/bus?
  • You can access the Sebenza platform from anywhere in your mobile browser. You will be able to access all of our features except for the Wi-Fi element, which is only available when connected to a Sebenza Free Wi-Fi router.

  • Can you serve coupons?
  • Sebenza does have the capability to serve coupons through some POS integrations. Just ask us how.

  • Can advertising per served by location and/or region?
  • Currently we have location-based advertising that works with GPS co-ordinates.

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