Sebenza Gives Back

Save 500 informal settlement dogs weekend

Sebenza giving back to the community because we believe Umuntu Ngumuntu Ngabantu.

Translating from isiZulu as “a person is a person through other people”. The detailed/well explained meaning is to always believe in community and unity. It is based on the idea that in this world you are not alone, we are all connected and dependent on each other and the power of knowing has such a positive impact. I am because you are. Sebenza is for the people, and we embrace that through giving back to the community. Members of the Sebenza team joined hands and went to Soshanguve to assist in Day 2 of the “Save 500 informal settlement dogs weekend” campaign hosted by the Soshanguve Animal Shelter and Educentre NPC.

This welfare service for dogs and the Soshanguve children community is a non-profit origination founded by Tebogo Maredi. “The main notion behind this is to keep children occupied and assist them to develop love and care for animals. They keep them [dogs] on chains and sometimes without food. The dogs are also infested with ticks and fleas. Most people in our community are underprivileged and in dire poverty, so we need to educate and assist them as much as we can,” said Tebogo.  The organization focuses on animal outreach and rescue, educating community members about acceptable and unacceptable behaviours towards animals and ensuring that children are properly acquainted with their pets.

“Today we serviced 143 dogs. It was a hectic day. As we dealt mostly with aggressive dogs, everything went perfectly so, and we also had some of the K9 police officers present to ensure safety and that our guests felt at ease. Thank you to the Sebenza free Wi-Fi team, Calvin, Robyn and Faith for coming to Soshanguve to assist in this initiative. They came with more needed equipment, which included harnesses, doggy bowls, and carpets,” Tebogo said.

Sebenza is delighted to have a team that is always willing to give a helping hand where needed. Breathing and bleeding yellow is what defines a Sebenzian, it embraces our values to the fullest. “It was such an honour to be involved in this project, we were able to reach out to the vulnerable communities who struggle to access such services. Thanks to the community and the Soshanguve Animal Shelter and Educentre NPC for dogs for welcoming us with such warmth. We opened our Free Wi-Fi to the community while they were waiting for their dogs to get serviced as it is part of our mission to connect people.” our Director Calvin Le Mottee added.

To assist the organisation save more dogs you can visit their Facebook page “Soshanguve Animal Shelter and Educentre NPC” or contact the founder and chairperson Tebogo Maredi on +27 82 342 7905.