Friday Feels

A celebration of Sebenzians as individuals

A big part of early 2022 for our company was about the culture and what precedent to set for our employees. The office is a place of business, professionalism and work ethic; but Sebenza is so much more than that. The personalities of our employees call for a freedom of expression and there is a strong presence of comradery amongst all of these unique individuals. So why would we not celebrate them and allow them a space to shine?

Friday Feels was created out of this need, and it not only instilled our company culture in each new employee but it continues to be the best expression of Sebenzians. Each Friday is different and the enthusiasm from employees to support each theme just shows the impact that it has on the last workday of the week.

Every second Friday, Sebenzians close their laptops and head downstairs to our foosball table, drinks table, racing rig, Music Studio, board games and picnic tables. The Studio plays unique mixes that have been created exclusively for the Sebenza platform and even features local DJ’s such as MFR Souls, T-Man SA, DJ Stallion, DJ Vin Groovin and many more.

We’ve had themes such as:

  • Beach Day – our Head of Technical is a shorts, Holster shirt and flip flops kinda guy. He is one of the most invaluable, intelligent employees we have and for this, we celebrated his birthday on a Friday with a beach theme. Casual, fun in the sun and flip flops galore.
  • Comic Con – we gave everyone a chance to show off their inner kid, nerd, geek, pop culture fanaticism etc etc. We had the likes of Clark Kent, Wild Wild West, Arthur, John Wick, Grogu, Woody from Toy Story, Stan from South Park, L from Death Note and many more. We also can’t forget the memorable appearance of our Financial Manager in an all yellow, one piece suit – Sebenza Man.
  • Heritage Day – we asked the team to tell us a bit about the culture they were representing and to give us a ‘Word of the Day’. TshiVenda gave us Vhufa Hashu, Our Heritage. Italian was Grato, Grateful. Setswana had Gemere, Ginger Beer, on the mind. Hindi chimed in with a message of Namaste, “the divine in me bows to the divine in you”. We appreciated the diversity in our office, in our traditional dress and in our one and only Rainbow Nation.

Sebenzians, as we call ourselves, all work towards our pens down approach on a Friday and the enthusiasm for it ignites a spark that is truly unique to Sebenza.