DNi invests in taxi Wi-Fi company Sebenza to help bridge digital divide

The two companies have aligned core values beyond commercial benefits: they share a mutual desire to drive positive societal change in SA

Sebenza promotes digital inclusion by giving commuters in taxis across SA access to free Wi-Fi en route.
Image: Sebenz

Taxi operators are responsible for more than 15-million daily commuter trips in SA. Sebenza, an innovative content and connectivity platform, has considered this reality and used it as an opportunity to address one of SA’s critical structural issues — lack of affordable internet access — by providing commuters with free Wi-Fi en route.

Sebenza is on course to reach 35-million active monthly users in 50,000 vehicles by 2026, which means underserved communities across the country will soon have internet access without the burden of high data costs. 

The DNi Group, a diversified investment company operating primarily in distribution and technology services, has taken note and decided to invest in Sebenza. DNi’s team of seasoned professionals possess an innate understanding of emerging-market economies, allowing them to navigate complexities and seize opportunities.

The DNi Group and Sebenza have aligned core values beyond commercial benefits. The Sebenza platform represents a compelling opportunity to deliver commercial benefits, while also driving positive societal change:

  • Bridging the digital divide: Access to the internet is crucial for economic, educational and social development. Sebenza directly promotes equal opportunities and inclusion through access to its free digital platform. 
  • Enhanced economic opportunities: Internet connectivity enables people to access online job portals, develop digital skills and explore entrepreneurship opportunities. Further to this, Sebenza has developed Sebenza Jobs, a job and talent-matching portal for people on the move. 
  • Education and e-learning: With the increasing importance of digital resources, free Wi-Fi can facilitate e-learning initiatives and access to online educational content.

“Providing connectivity and convenience to consumers is at the heart of DNi’s core objectives as an investment company and, in Sebenza, we found the ideal company to bring to life that exact thesis,” says DNi CEO Andrew Dunn. 

“Sebenza is providing commuters with free access to its diverse digital platform. Over time, we hope to partner with Sebenza to bolt on additional services that can enhance and benefit the lives of millions of South Africans who commute via taxis and buses daily.”

How does Sebenza’s free taxi Wi-Fi work?

Sebenza offers businesses an unmatched platform to get their products and services into the hands of commuters through targeted advertising on its digital platform.

When a commuter boards a Sebenza taxi, they can quickly and easily log in to the Sebenza platform with their smartphone using their cellphone number. They can then gain free Wi-Fi access by earning and collecting SebenzaBucks, an exclusive virtual currency, with every promotional video they watch and survey they fill out on the platform, plus many more incentivised actions. 

The article originally appeared on Sowetan Live.