Register with Sebenza taxi Wi-Fi and win cash prizes to the value of R72K

With the Khomba. Khonnecta. Sebenza campaign, you could walk away with the grand prize of R50,000 or weekly cash prizes

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Win R50,000 or a weekly cash prize by registering on Sebenza’s free Wi-Fi in a taxi or bus during your next commute. 
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Running out of mobile data can be extremely frustrating, but this is a reality many South Africans face on a daily basis. Fortunately for taxi and bus commuters across SA, a platform offering free on-board Wi-Fi is readily available — and is rewarding users for signing up!

Sebenza is an innovative, free-to-use platform offering you entertaining and educational content in more than 7,500 taxis and buses nationwide. And with the newly launched Khomba. Khonnecta. Sebenza campaign, they are giving away amazing cash prizes to the value of R72,000 to newly registered users during April, May and June 2024.

The campaign name takes inspiration from the Zulu slang term for hailing a taxi — Khomba — and is a playful nod to the unique use of hand signals when doing so. Khonnecta refers to the ease of connecting to Wi-Fi inside a bus or taxi and Sebenza means “work together” to get connected. 

Nawe ungapopa mfana! Sign-up today and you can win your share of R72,000.

With an average of 15-million people commuting by taxi every day in SA, Sebenza is conveniently reaching people in all nine provinces — serving users 300,000GB of data every month, absolutely free. The platform has articles on current affairs, sport and celebrity news, horoscopes, Spin and Win, Fantasy Soccer and various skills development short courses aimed at tweens, covering financial literacy. 

In addition to the great content, users can earn SebenzaBucks, an exclusive virtual currency, by watching promotional videos, filling in surveys and interacting with content to redeem free data for web browsing during their commute.

Getting more South Africans connected

According to the national education infrastructure management system, only 10% of South Africans have computers at home. Cellphones are the main way to access the internet, but even though more than half of SA’s population has a smartphone, most users can’t afford data plans, according to the World Bank. A recent survey of Sebenza users revealed the same: the cost of data remains a barrier to digital access.

“There is still some confusion about how Sebenza works, and people seem to think it is too good to be true. But we can assure you, Sebenza’s free Wi-Fi is yours to enjoy ‘,” says Mayi Tshwete, Sebenza spokesperson.

“We’re hoping that through this campaign more people can learn about our offering and sign up to give it a go.”

Select Sebenza in your Wi-Fi settings and enter your cellphone number to stand a chance to win some cash.
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Khomba. Khonnecta. Sebenza.

Connecting to the Sebenza platform is easy and can be done in three steps;

  1. Hail a taxi (Khomba);
  2. Sign up to Sebenza on your smartphone using your cellphone number (Khonnecta); and
  3. Be online in minutes (Sebenza). 

Competition rules:

The Khomba. Khonnecta. Sebenza competition will run over three months with 11 prizes of R2,000 to be won on a weekly basis. A final big cash prize of R50,000 will be given to one lucky winner in the final draw.

Entering the competition is easy: all you need to do is click on Sebenza in your Wi-Fi settings — you’ll be redirected to the platform’s home page — and then register using your cell number. Just look out for the “free Wi-Fi Sebenza” stickers in a bus or taxi during your next commute. 

Connecting to Sebenza is completely safe and secure; it is encrypted to ensure that your data remains secure and private.

“Whether you’re jumping on a ‘Ses’fikile’ or shifting over in your seat for a ‘4-4 Mas’hlalisane’, it makes sense to stay connected on the move. At Sebenza we’re passionate about bridging the digital divide,” says Tshwete.

This article was sponsored by Sebenza, and originally appeared on Sowetan Live.