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Tailor-made Solutions

The Sebenza platform seeks to maximise the total value of our expanding ecosystem in a circular, iterative, feedback-driven process.

We are open to third parties via API but can work with you to develop closed, direct distribution products to consumers that create high-value exchanges that allow users to connect, engage and grow; to the internet, with your brand, product, service or content.

We are a catalyst; an aggregator. We are, at our core a connector. Our principal assets are information, interactions and consumers.


Device Agnostic

Sebenza works on any device that is connected to the internet or a Sebenza router. We have routers in taxis, busses and commuter nodes across South Africa.


Fully Integrated

Our products are integrated experiences that allow users to earn and spend SebenzaBucks, communicate across products and take action.


Well Documented

From our API to campaign reporting, every interaction on Sebenza is carefully monitored to ensure value for our users and ecosystem partners alike.

Bespoke Development

With our in-house development team we are able to develop and build bespoke products for our clients. We value long term partnerships where we build on and improve products that deliver the best return on investment.

No idea is out of reach for our in-house development team and innovative technology stack.

We assist from conceptualisation to reporting, with products that supports your objectives.

Data & Campaign Management

Sebenza offers distribution of digital media and campaign management. We monitor, analyze and evaluate campaign performance in order to give clients the best value from their investment with us. Advertising to people on the move requires a dynamic business that can keep up with moving and evolving trends within the market.



Our targeting algorithm has a sophisticated neural-network to deliver optimal campaign performance at every stage of your campaign regardless of your objectives.


Dedicated to Success

Every client has a campaign manager to assist them throughout their campaign and how best to utilise market research to deliver well-informed campaigns.

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Ensuring Product-Market Fit

A user-survey with valuable insights available for POCs and first-time clients guarantees high levels of value for users and products on Sebenza.

Best-in-Class Reporting

Get instant access to product performance metrics; whether it's the number of SebenzaBucks earned and used for in-product purchases, advertising performance or levels of engagement with a variety of content metrics. All completely anonymised and compliant with the latest privacy standards.


Customizable Reports

Build better views to highlight the data that matters the most.


Structured Data

Pre-campaign, mid-campaign and post-campaign deliverables are outlined to ensure that there is an analysis of the return on investment for our clients.


Managed Campaigns

Monthly insight reports give our clients a breakdown of their campaign progress with data depicting campaign progress, audience demographics, click through rates, research results, exit percentages, pageviews, watch time and a host of other detailed metrics.


Live Data

Get access to live usage information on the Sebenza Platform through the Sebenza Dashboard, or use the API to build custom dashboards specific to your product use-case.

Interested in working with us?

We're ready to work on building the next chapter of Sebenza, and we'd love to co-create it with you.