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Hisense Mobile, Phone Launch

We partnered with Hisense for the launch of two entry-level mobile phones into the market and the results spoke for themselves, so much so that we continued with new campaigns in 2022. The decision was motivated by the successful results we saw within the first two months of the campaign over the holiday season.

Project Name: E Range Launch

Client: Hisense

Project Commencement Date: December, 2021

Project Completion Date: July, 2022

Campaign Elements

  1. Advertising Banners
  2. Video Ads
  3. Research & Data Analysis
  4. Bespoke Product Development
  5. Wi-Fi sponsorship

Campaign Results

  1. Video Ads
  2. A 48″ TVC for their E50 Lite still holds the title of the highest click through rate on the platform at 15,74%.
  3. E50 Lite and E31 Lite devices advertised reached the top 10 Hisense devices on the platform within two months of the campaign being switched on.
  5. Research & Data Analysis
  6. There was an overall 60% increase in Hisense devices on the platform and the E50 Lite saw the biggest increase.
  7. Research informed us on phone purchase decisions, trends within the phone market, influences on buying decisions and trends with brand favoritism.
  8. The data showed that Hisense was the third popular brand, phone users were looking for a great camera, price and phone storage and that they were buying these phones with cash.