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McDonalds, Nazo! Meals

We partnered with McDonalds to promote their budget Nazo Meals. 20 Store locations were selected to be included in the location based advertising campaign. Store locations and ads served were monitored and optimized with underperforming areas/stores being replaced with additional stores. A survey was conducted, the results of which, provided the client with campaign awareness metrics. 60% Of respondents reported that they had purchased the promoted meal after seeing the advert.

Project Name: Nazo! Meals

Client: McDonalds

Project Commencement Date: June, 2022

Project Completion Date: July, 2022

Campaign Elements

  1. Advertising Banners
  2. Video Ads
  3. Research & Data Analysis
  4. Location-based Ads

Campaign Results

  • Advertising Banners
  • Small banner click through rate: 0.61%
  • Medium banner click through rate: 2.21%
  • Full page advert click through rate: 1.93%

  • Location-based Ads
  • High performing click through rates: Pretoria CBD 20%, Mamelodi 26%, Pavilion 21% and Diepkloof 59%